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The great Jumalien tournament enters its final phase, only the god of gods will emerge victorious. Embody a deity and hunt down your opponents to receive the supreme sacrament in this local multiplayer hack & slash!

Two game modes :

  • Exploration: In a procedurally generated world, each player has 5 minutes to prepare for the final battle. Explore the world to find legendary equipment, fight against mythological golems to buy items or hunt other players to collect their items and ruin their game.
  • Draft: Chain the battles in intense clashes. Between rounds, each player chooses equipment. Choose your favorite way to play and be smart by choosing the synergies of your equipment to overcome other players

Four mythologies / Four deities:

  • Ah Puch the Mayan god of the dead.
  • Ra the Egyptian god of the sun, creator of the universe.
  • Freyja, Norse goddess of love, war and gold.
  • Artemis Greek goddess of the hunt.

Main features

  • Simple mechanics allowing accessibility to all and immediate gaming pleasure
  • Advanced mechanics for the most skilled.
  • Procedural generation of the environment and random events, so that each game is unique
  • More than 150 objects from different mythologies, offering a multitude of possible synergies
  • Many deities will help you gain the upper hand over other players
  • An arena mode for direct confrontations


Jumalien_Demo.zip 130 MB

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